Pencils for drawing

Kids Zone

This area of our website is dedicated to our students during these challenging times.

Try some of the activities and games our teachers have created, just for you!

Our Themes

Each theme has 5 fun labs for you to enjoy.

Kids at the ocean

Set up an obstacle course, make a bookmark, create an ecosystem in a jar, and more.

Thank you painted on a rock

Make a gratitude tree, learn how to color carnations, play the gratitude game, and more.

Elephant in wild

Learn about birds, draw an elephant, do some animal themed yoga, and more.

Image of fish in an ocean

Create the layers of the ocean, draw a beautiful seahorse, visit an aquarium and more.

Two kids jumping in the air

Learn all about the human body, discover how digestion works, draw an eye, and more.

Close up of leaves

Make a beautiful butterfly, watch water walk, go on a nature scavenger hunt, and more.

Astronaut in space

Learn about our solar system, draw a rocket, and much more.

Springtime scene with flowers and a bench

Read about a bear cub, draw a tulip, make a cloud in a jar, and more.