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Why Join Leading Edge?

At Leading Edge, we provide academic support along with opportunities for social-emotional development. With our engaging and nurturing staff, students are able to solidify what they are learning in school while also developing new skills and interests. Throughout everything we do, we promote diversity and inclusiveness so each student feels safe, supported and encouraged to learn and grow.

Before School Programs
Our morning programs blend enrichment activities with relaxing games to help ease students into their school day.

After School Programs
Our after school programs kick off with a little down time so students can unwind from their school day. We then move into Homework Help & Support where our teachers ensure students understand the work they are doing. Our afternoon continues with curriculum that has been designed by educators in order to provide each of our students with confidence-building enrichment. This includes Reading, Writing, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) projects as well as physical exercise and team-building activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main focus of your program?2021-02-02T14:21:52-05:00

Academics is our main focus. Our primary goal is to ensure your child understands the concepts they are learning in school so they do not fall behind and are set up to get ahead. We do this by having our trained teachers observe students while they are completing their homework. If there’s any confusion or gaps in knowledge, we are able to support and help your child.

We also have expert-developed curriculum to provide further academic enrichment for children that need additional support or would like to ramp ahead. We work on reading, writing, math and science – core academic skills – that are the building blocks of their future studies.

With our proactive and preventative approach, we reduce the risk of your child falling behind in school and having to catch up later on.

What are the main benefits of your program?2020-04-19T11:11:30-05:00

Our research finds that our students’ academic scores improve along with their self-esteem. Stress is reduced at home because homework is complete and students truly understand it. In the classroom, students are better prepared and more confident in their knowledge. And since this foundational knowledge is solid, they do better in high school and beyond.

Aside from homework support, what other activities do you provide?2022-05-06T08:52:27-05:00

We start our afternoons with a moment for students to unwind and relax. We provide time for a small snack and give students time to talk with their friends. We then move onto guided homework support, fun physical activities, team building, enrichment, read aloud, STEM lab and challenge lab.

Where do your programs take place?2020-04-19T11:14:01-05:00

All of our programs take place at your child’s school. This makes for a smoother and safer transition to aftercare. This also allows us to make sure our curriculum aligns with the school and fosters greater collaboration.

What are your program hours?2020-04-19T11:14:32-05:00

Our program starts right after the school day ends and in some schools, we offer care before school as well. Actual hours vary by location. Please see the locations tab for more information on services at your school.

What is a typical after school day like?2021-02-03T12:11:10-05:00

When students arrive from their classroom, we give them some time to unwind and relax. Then we typically move into our homework lab, where teachers observe children and intervene when necessary to review concepts and ensure they understand them. We then have an assortment of activities for academic enrichment, exercise and social-emotional development. We work to give them a varied and engaging mix for their afternoon.

Do you accept children with special needs?2020-04-19T11:15:56-05:00

We strive to serve all children of all abilities, recognizing that each students’ needs are unique. Please contact us directly to discuss your child’s unique needs.

How much does the program cost?2020-04-19T11:16:17-05:00

Costs vary by based on program length and offerings. Please see the locations tab for additional information on cost or contact us for rates.

What financial support do you offer families? Do you accept state child care assistance?2022-05-06T08:59:46-05:00

We accept state child care assistance in many of our programs. Our Family Services Team is happy to guide you through the application process. Contact us for additional information on applying for state child care assistance.

Do you provide transportation from your program?2022-05-06T09:01:21-05:00

Unfortunately, no. Families must pick-up children in our program.

Do you supply snacks/meals?2020-04-19T11:19:18-05:00

We provide a small snack during afternoon programming.* We do not provide meals and ask families to provide a packed lunch during Full Days or Early Release days.

* Please note that at our Colorado partner schools, we do not provide snacks and children bring their own.

Do you offer programming during holidays or in-service days?2020-04-19T11:19:31-05:00

Some schools offer Full Day and Early Release care during holidays and in-service days. Please note this option may not be available at all schools. See the locations tab for services available at your school.

What type of training does your staff receive?2020-04-19T11:20:18-05:00

All of our staff are experienced teachers and childcare providers. We offer extensive training both at the time of hire and ongoing continuing education. This includes safety trainings such as CPR and Epi-pen administration as well as educational training such as Positive Discipline and Classroom Management.

Does your staff receive background checks?2020-04-19T11:21:24-05:00

All staff on site must complete rigorous background checks prior to working with students. Each states’ requirements are unique but always include fingerprinting, criminal record check, and child abuse record check.

How do you keep children from feeling anxious and stressed from the extra time they spend at school?2020-04-19T11:18:13-05:00

We are aware of and sensitive to the high level of anxiety in kids today. We have systems and approaches in place to address it. In our nurturing program, children will get the support they need to feel confident and they will also have time to play and relax, key ways to relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

Have more questions? Connect with our Family Services Team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

“My son and I are absolutely thrilled with Leading Edge. He has done so much better in school with the extra help he receives on his homework each night. It used to be a battle to do homework or any extra school work at night…Now that he does it all at Leading Edge with their help, he understands the work. He is very excited and happy to go to Leading Edge each day.”

Cheryl L., Elementary Parent

“We want to extend a HUGE thank-you to you. It is such a gift to know that my son is in good, caring hands. One thing that really underlines the quality of your care is that when I pick him up, he’s almost always relaxed and happy — which is pretty amazing given how many extra stressors there have been this school year. You all give him an environment where he can unwind, exercise, see his friends, and be creative. Thank you so much for taking care of our little guy and being such a positive influence in his life. We appreciate you!!”

Family at Columbine Elementary School

“My daughter loves the aftercare and it’s staff. She always has a bright smile and a story when I pick her up from the aftercare. The teachers are amazing with posting up to date pictures and always available to answer questions. Thank you for making this school year a bit normal for her.”

Family at Wilson Elementary School

“My son was new to the CSCA school in January and he is doing so well. I so appreciate the after school care he receives, he is always in a great mood after:) They are so attentive to the kids. Thank you for taking care of my son.”

Family at Colorado Springs Charter Academy