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Program Information for School Leaders

Why Choose Leading Edge?

The Leading Edge model extends students’ learning time by actively supporting their academic needs. We focus on reading, writing, math and science—core academic skills—while also adding fun enrichment opportunities to expand student experiences into new domains in our lab based scheduling model. Our partners can select which labs they want included in their Leading Edge day.

We understand that every school has unique strengths and needs. That is why we approach our school partnerships holistically, seeking to expand your students’ school day learning into enriching before and after school programming that aligns with your district goals. Whatever lab components you select, rest assured they will be uniquely yours.

Program Offerings

  • Before and Aftercare
  • Early Release Programming
  • Full Day/In Service Programming
  • Summer Camp
  • Early Childhood and Extended Kindergarten Programs

School Benefits

  • Self-sufficient Programming (we provide all materials)
  • Inclusive Programming (welcoming and supporting students of all abilities)
  • Highly Trained and Experienced Educators
  • Continuous Communication and Collaboration
  • Inclusive and Exclusive Enrichment Programs

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100% Scholarship for every 15 students
  • We provide a 100% Scholarship to 1 student for every 15 enrolled students.
  • Scholarship recipients selected by school leadership.
  • State subsidy accepted and assistance provided during application process.

School Community

Collaborative relationship with school leaders and teachers
  • Partner with school team to support child’s academic and social emotional needs.
  • We will implement school values into the extended day environment.
  • Safe and responsive dismissal with student rosters.

Structured Learning Environment

Lab based curriculum model
  • Planned by teachers and chosen by students.
  • Fun academic labs focused on fostering a love of learning through student choice.
  • Safe, teacher led physical activities incorporated daily

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Sample Curriculum
Sample Schedule
About Our Labs

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would recommend Leading Edge to a friend

We have a 100% partner retention rate

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary focus and mission of Leading Edge?2020-04-20T14:38:55-05:00

 Academic support is the core of our program and it’s surrounded by enrichment. Our goal is to ensure students understand what they are being taught every day in school.

 Why is this important?

 It is important because we recognize the difficult task our teachers face every day in our public schools. With sometimes 20 to 30 children in a class, it is simply impossible for our teachers to work with each child each day independently as needed. This is one of our goals—to help our public school teachers by helping Leading Edge students be prepared for class the next school day.

Our teachers…on the spot

Leading Edge has had success over the years helping students improve their academic scores. At Leading Edge, we believe that this academic success as well as social development provides a better opportunity for our students to succeed in high school and college and of course obtain better jobs during their lives. We have seen how our programs can help many students in a school improve their academic performance.

What type of payment plans do you offer? And do you accept state child care assistance?2020-06-30T10:30:07-05:00

We are committed to making our programs accessible to a diverse array of families and students. Our scheduling and payment options are flexible and we offer a number of attractive discounts – sibling, employee and military – that broaden the affordability of our programs.

Yes, we accept and have significant experience managing state child care assistance.

What type of training does your staff receive?2020-04-30T16:05:21-05:00

All of our staff are experienced teachers and childcare providers. We offer extensive training both at the time of hire and ongoing continuing education. This includes safety trainings such as CPR and Epi-pen administration as well as educational training such as Positive Discipline and Classroom Management.

Does your staff receive background checks?2020-04-19T10:58:13-05:00

All staff on site must complete rigorous background checks prior to working with students. Each states’ requirements are unique but always include fingerprinting, criminal record check, and child abuse record check.

What is a typical after school day like?2021-02-02T14:18:24-05:00

When students arrive from their classroom, we give them some time to unwind and relax. Then we typically move into our homework lab, where teachers observe children and intervene when necessary to review concepts and ensure they understand them. We then have an assortment of activities for academic enrichment, exercise and social-emotional development. We work to give them a varied and engaging mix for their afternoon.

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Have more questions? Schedule a consultation with a member of our Leadership Team who will be happy to take you through our programs or call us at 1-800-341-5791.