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Kids Zone:
Summer Fun

We have 5 fun labs for you. Keep scrolling down the page to see them all.

Reading Lab

Time flies when you are having fun. In First Grade Here I Come, you’ll learn about all the things first graders do during the school year. Before you know it, it’s summertime again.

Physical Lab

Make Your Own Obstacle Course

Keep on getting your exercise this summer. If you want to make it fun, have an adult help you set up an obstacle course. You can do it in your yard or bring it to a park. Here are some ideas from HGTV to get you started.

Enrichment Lab

Make Your Own Bookmark

Ms. April shows you how to create a bookmark with beautiful summer flowers.

Challenge Lab

Summer Art Challenge

Mrs. Huma shows you how to create a beautiful picture using markers and water colors.


Make an Ecosystem in a Jar

Miss Bailey shows you how.

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