Leading Edge helps students understand what they are taught and develop a love for learning. We build futures one student at a time.

We work closely with every student to ensure they understand what they are learning in school, so they don’t fall behind and lose confidence. Too often, if they start to slip and aren’t getting this type of support, their lack of mastery accumulates and they struggle with their grades and self-esteem.

Our teachers are here to break the cycle and prepare them for high school and beyond. We also build in time for exercise and relaxation to help them unwind.

We are fully committed to supporting the academic, social and emotional growth of our students so they stay on the leading edge of their lives. 95% of our families would recommend Leading Edge to a friend. Discover what families are saying about our programs and explore our website to learn more.

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· Registration will be opening soon for our Summer Camps and 2024-2025 academic year programs.

· Our “Lift Off to Literacy” Initiative has been such a success, we are taking it to new heights this year. The children create and decorate a rocket as they rack up reading time, and when the target is reached, we have a galactic celebration

· Late Starts and Early Releases are now included as part of our regular Before & After School program at many locations.

Discover the

Leading Edge


  • Expert-developed curriculum to ensure children understand what they are learning and are set up to excel in the classroom

  • Trained teachers who evaluate students’ mastery of homework and provide academic support

  • Engaging, research-based activities that support social-emotional development

  • On-site before and after school programs that are developed in close partnership with school administrators

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“I appreciate the tremendous help given by all the after school teachers. I know my kids are safe, learning, and having fun.”

Family at Glenwood Elementary School

“Leading Edge has been a collaborative and cooperative partner in the development of our scholars. The company’s curriculum offers much more than the typical after-school program curriculum and centers on a well-balanced approach to learning.”

School Administrator

“My son enjoys his time at Leading Edge Aftercare, and most days he doesn’t want to leave. That’s because he has amazing teachers and friends.”

Family at Mountain View Academy

“My daughter always comes home with a positive attitude on her day at Leading Edge and happy to share all the fun things you guys do throughout the day.”

Family at Eisenhower Elementary School

“Leading Edge has an academic component to it. They collaborate with teachers to contribute to the learning and tutoring needs of each child. This is extremely helpful in a time where COVID has set children back. They also have organized learning fun from Arts to Activities.”

School Administrator

“The team does a fantastic job of keeping the kids engaged and always learning new things. The kids love all of the activities and projects, and we love how the teachers make sure the kids get their homework done every day.”

Family at Media Elementary School

“Thank you all for all of your time and attention with my son! It is so helpful for me to know that he is safe and being well taken care of while I am at work.”

Family at SOAR Green Valley Ranch Elementary School

“My daughter loves the aftercare and it’s staff.  She always has a bright smile and a story when I pick her up from the aftercare. The teachers are amazing with posting up to date pictures and always available to answer questions.”

Family at Wilson Elementary School
Kids playing

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  We are an Equal Opportunity Care Provider