Leading Edge helps students understand what they are taught and develop a love for learning. We build futures one student at a time.

We work closely with every student to ensure they understand what they are learning in school, so they don’t fall behind and lose confidence. Too often, if they start to slip and aren’t getting this type of support, their lack of mastery accumulates and they struggle with their grades and self-esteem.

Our teachers are here to break the cycle and prepare them for high school and beyond. We also build in time for exercise and relaxation to help them unwind.

We have been running programs since 2006, and we are fully committed to supporting the academic, social and emotional growth of our students so they stay on the leading edge of their lives.

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· Registration is beginning to open for our 2021-2022 academic year programs. All families with a Leading Edge account will receive an email once registration is open for your school. Create an account with us now to ensure you receive all email notifications!

· Summer Camp enrollment is open in Colorado at Columbine and Trevista. Enrollment for New Jersey Summer Camp is open at Samsel Upper Elementary for all K-8 students!

· Sayreville will move to phase 4 on Monday, May 3rd from phase 3. Beginning May 3rd, students will be onsite 5 days per week. Children currently enrolled in phase 3 programs will be automatically enrolled into phase 4 programs. Enrollment will be updated to match the full-time and part-time programs your child currently attends. If you do not want your child enrolled into phase 4 programs, please notify Customer Care by 5pm EST on May 28th at 800-341-5791 or support@leadsschools.com.

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Leading Edge


  • Expert-developed curriculum to ensure children understand what they are learning and are set up to excel in the classroom

  • Trained teachers who evaluate students’ mastery of homework and provide academic support

  • Engaging, research-based activities that support social-emotional development

  • On-site before and after school programs that are developed in close partnership with school administrators

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“My son and I are absolutely thrilled with Leading Edge. He has done so much better in school with the extra help he receives on his homework each night. It used to be a battle to do homework or any extra school work at night…Now that he does it all at Leading Edge with their help, he understands the work. He is very excited and happy to go to Leading Edge each day.”
Cheryl L, Elementary Parent

“Leading Edge has been a collaborative and cooperative partner in the development of our scholars. The company’s curriculum offers much more than the typical after-school program curriculum and centers on a well-balanced approach to learning.”

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  We are an Equal Opportunity Care Provider