Pencils for drawing

Kids Zone:

We have 5 fun labs for you. Keep scrolling down the page to see them all.

Reading Lab

On YouTube’s Family Channel, we found this wonderful reading of The Rainbow Fish. This is a story about a fish who learns that sharing makes him happy.

Physical Lab

Here you’ll see Mrs. Beth take us through her inspirational maze. What kind of inspirational maze will you create?

Supplies and space:
Sidewalk or your own driveway
Chalk (any color)
Physical Energy (don’t forget to stretch first)

Enrichment Lab

With some paper, paint and a little imagination, you can create a beautiful seahorse with Miss Julie’s help.

Challenge Lab

Make an Origami Whale

Origami is a traditional Japanese art of paper folding, which is used to make many different animals and shapes. Since this week is our ocean theme, Miss Joann will show you how to make a whale. Have fun!


Layers of the Ocean

In this cool experiment, Miss Bailey shows you how to mimic the layers of the ocean with items you can find around the house.

She will also teach you fun facts about each layer as you go. Get ready to take a deep dive into what makes up our oceans.

Extra Credit 🙂

Take a Virtual Field Trip to the Georgia Aquarium

Check out their live webcams of Ocean Voyager, Beluga Whales, Penguins, and more.
Aquarium photo

Under the Sea

Learn how to create an ocean and light it up with Mrs. Angelica.

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