Dad holding son's hand at school

What Families Are Saying About Leading Edge

This has been a challenging year for families and schools across the country. We at Leading Edge are honored to have worked with our partner schools and our families to provide social/emotional and academic support to students along with childcare coverage before and after school, and during the hybrid phases. Now, we are looking forward to helping your children gain the academic ground they lost during the pandemic while providing a nurturing environment for their development to take flight.

Here’s what families are saying about their Leading Edge experience.

“My son has made his best friends through your program. And I love the creative crafts he comes home with! Thank you to all the Leading Edge teachers for taking such great care of my baby and making the most of this crazy year!! We are so appreciative to have this program!”

-Family at Columbine Elementary School

“You guys are a life saver! Since this pandemic started, we at home had many challenges as many families have too. I had to start working nights to stay home during the day with my daughter, sleeping 3 hours per day because I was scared that something could happen to her if I was sleeping. Once your after school service was again available, I could use those hours to get a decent rest. But the best thing is that every single day when I pick her up, she wants to stay at Leading Edge because she’s having fun. You make my girl happy with your activities and attention. I want to thank you all for for that.”

-Family at Arleth Elementary School

“We want to extend a HUGE thank-you to you. It is such a gift to know that my son is in good, caring hands. One thing that really underlines the quality of your care is that when I pick him up, he’s almost always relaxed and happy — which is pretty amazing given how many extra stressors there have been this school year. You all give him an environment where he can unwind, exercise, see his friends, and be creative. Thank you so much for taking care of our little guy and being such a positive influence in his life. We appreciate you!!”

Family at Columbine Elementary School

“My son had a great experience in the program since his first day. Thank you for all you do for the children, teaching them and caring for them every single day!”

-Family at Project Before PreSchool at Samsel Upper

“My daughter loves the aftercare and it’s staff. When the students were allowed to go back to in person learning for 2 days I asked her if she wanted to do the aftercare and without hesitation she said yes. She always has a bright smile and a story when I pick her up from the aftercare. The teachers are amazing with posting up to date pictures and always available to answer questions. Thank you for making this school year a bit normal for her.”

-Family at Wilson Elementary School

“Thank you so much for all you do for my boys…. the care, thoughtfulness and love you have for all the children and their families is remarkable. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

-Family at Media Elementary School

“Just wanted to say thank you to the staff at Eisenhower for running such a great program that my daughter looks forward to attending every morning!”

Family at Eisenhower Elementary School

“Thank you all for all of your time and attention with my son! It is so helpful for me to know that he is safe and being well taken care of while I am at work.”

-Family at SOAR Green Valley Ranch Elementary School

“The entire staff at Leading Edge has been top notch the entire year. My daughter is very hard on herself in every way. The staff has gone above and beyond to make her feel welcomed and included in everything that is done. They also help reassure her that she is doing a great job all time and explain to her how sometimes things just don’t go our way. She always comes home with a fun story and has actually asked me to start picking her up later so she can do her crafts and play with her friends. At her old aftercare center, she begged to be picked up early as much as possible so this has been an AMAZING change. I cant tell you the sense of relief I have had this year sending her to leading edge where I know she feels comfortable, valued, and has a great time. THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE TEACHERS. You are all truly AMAZING.”

-Family at Indian Lane Elementary School

“My daughter always comes home with a positive attitude on her day at Leading Edge and happy to share all the fun things you guys do throughout the day.”

-Family at Eisenhower Elementary School

“My son was new to the CSCA school in January and he is doing so well. I so appreciate the after school care he receives, he is always in a great mood after:) They are so attentive to the kids. Thank you for taking care of my son.”

-Family at Colorado Springs Charter Academy

“Thank you so much for everyone’s contribution to this school year. Sometimes it’s not easy with our littles. I know that my daughter may seem to go to the beat of her own drum, but she is always telling me how much fun she has with all of you in regards to crafting, games, and all the laughs. I truly appreciate everyone that has participated in our children’s learning experience, creativity, and overall growth.”

-Family at Glenwood Elementary School

“My son loves Leading Edge. He loves Ms. JoAnn and I appreciate her patience with him. He likes to do things his way and Ms JoAnn helps him do that. Thank you for understanding him and accepting him the way he is.”

-Family at Eisenhower Elementary School

“Thank you so much for all your do!!! My daughter loves Ms B so so much that she tells me to come get her later than the usual time!! She’s having so much fun at the after care. Thank you so much for that!”

-Family at Rocky Mountain Prep Creekside

“Everybody at Leading Edge is phenomenal! My son always enjoys his time here! Thank you all!”

-Family at Samsel Upper Elementary School

“I am very satisfied and happy that my son participates in a program that makes him evolve psychologically, physically. I am grateful to this wonderful and efficient team that helps me, as I know that he is safe and that is why I can work without worrying about him.”

-Family at Project Before Preschool at Samsel

“My son enjoys his time at Leading Edge Aftercare, and most days he doesn’t want to leave. That’s because he has amazing teachers and friends.”

-Family at Mountain View Academy

“Thank you Ms Bre and Ms Shelly for taking time to think of each student and how they can improve. You both go over the top and it’s much appreciated”

-Family at Trevista at Horace Mann

“My child is safe and has fun at Leading Edge. I’m grateful to have the option.”

-Family at Truman Elementary School

“My son attends the morning program. Everyone is so friendly and I love that he is involved in activities in the morning. I am so happy I signed him up!”

-Family at Project Before Preschool at Cheesequake

“My daughter has been learning at a faster pace due to physically coming to school. This program is helping her a lot and glad she signed up.”

-Family at Samsel Upper Elementary School

“The staff are so kind and helpful.”

-Media Elementary School

“I think the program is great and has been a blessing for parents who have to work.”

-Truman Elementary School

“All the staff have been wonderful.”

-Indian Lane Elementary School