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Our Mission and Background

Our mission is to cultivate a love of learning to help students achieve a lifetime of success

Leading Edge is a top provider of before and after school programs for children at elementary and middle schools across the country. We are passionate about using this time to positively impact their academic performance and social development. Given everything that has happened to students this past year, our goal for each student to understand and master their homework is even more important. Our programs are designed so that students focus on completing their homework first and participate in engaging activities to help catch-up and then get ahead in math and reading.

We recognize that part of “loving to learn” is feeling confident in the material being taught in school. We focus on academics and homework support to build academic confidence, while also offering fun enrichment opportunities daily.

We also understand that children’s social/emotional development is key during these early years of school. Our program honors diversity while bringing together students in a supportive atmosphere. We often hear from families that their children have made their best friends at our program and look forward to coming to Leading Edge every day.

We value being a partner to schools and families, and we are committed to making our programs affordable and giving back to our communities through scholarships.

Our Background

Our organization was founded by Kevin Flynn, a prominent Boston-area entrepreneur, and Mark Freidberg, an executive who has spent his career growing education companies. They came together to make a difference in the lives of children and their families.

While raising their own children, they saw  the challenges children face in today’s rapidly changing world and the constraints our public schools are under in coping with them. For the students who don’t understand subjects fully and start to fall behind, things can get worse as they continue on in their academic journey. By the time they hit high school, they may struggle to get C’s, become frustrated and have future opportunities closed off to them.

They brought in experts in education to develop methods, processes and curriculum to address this issue. And they partnered directly with schools to get everyone on the same page, working toward the same goal: to make sure students fully understand what they are being taught in school. The extra hours of high quality programming after school can make all the difference.