FAQS for Sayreville Parents2020-08-31T13:27:59-05:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are FAQs about our in-person programs during Sayreville Public School’s virtual learning phase (Phase 1).

I enrolled in part-time for 2 days per week, can my child attend any 2 days?2020-10-20T12:43:05-05:00

No, families must commit to a set schedule weekly.

If I am enrolled in Half Day, but I find out I need care that day until 3:00pm, can my child stay later?2020-10-20T12:42:56-05:00

Yes, however you will be charged a drop-in fee for the Full Day rate. To avoid this fee, you must enroll in advance for the Full Day option.

What will students do during Virtual Learning?2020-11-12T11:05:19-05:00

Students will follow their Sayreville Virtual School Schedule during virtual learning from 9:00am-1:30pm. We ask families to send their child to program with their laptop/tablet fully charged and with a headset. If you have multiple students in our program, please send each child with a device. We will also need any log-ins and websites needed to connect to virtual meetings/portals.

Students are grouped by age/grade. The teacher will assist them in connecting and following their schedules, guide them during independent study, and facilitate movement breaks during scheduled times.

Virtual Synchronous Learning takes place at Samsel Upper Elementary for all Students regardless of their “normal” school location.

Do I need to pack a lunch for Full Days?2020-10-20T12:42:24-05:00

We will provide snacks both before and after school. Families must provide a packed lunch which does not require refrigeration and does not need to be reheated. A refillable water bottle is also required as water fountains cannot be used due to COVID-19, only bottle filling stations will be available.

I only need Full Day Care occasionally, or 1 day a week. Can I attend Full Days “as needed”?2020-11-12T10:59:50-05:00

We offer “Full Day Calendar” scheduling so parents can select and pay for Full Days as needed. You must pay the annual registration fee of $59.99 and complete enrollment paperwork prior to attending a Full Day.

What will students do before and after Virtual Learning?2020-08-31T12:42:11-05:00

Students will follow our Before and After school schedule. Before school students will participate in physical play and have a snack/restroom break before virtual begins. Once Virtual ends, students will complete any homework remaining, have more physical play time, participate in art enrichment, challenge lab, read-aloud, and STEM lab.

Have more questions? Connect with our Customer Care Team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

“My son and I are absolutely thrilled with Leading Edge. He has done so much better in school with the extra help he receives on his homework each night. It used to be a battle to do homework or any extra school work at night…Now that he does it all at Leading Edge with their help, he understands the work. He is very excited and happy to go to Leading Edge each day.”

Cheryl L., Elementary Parent