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Camp Imagine Activities

Each week we will have a different theme to capture our campers’ imaginations. Here’s a sampling of the fun that’s in store for your children.

volcano erupting Volcanoes
3..2..1…Eruption! Our young scientists will learn about the various active and inactive volcanoes around the world, create lava, and have the opportunity to construct their very own volcano models! We can’t wait to see their excitement when the volcano finally erupts.
child holding small plant in soil Seed to Plant
Let’s get gardening! Campers will learn about the different phases a seed goes through before it turns into a plant, what nourishment and resources it needs to grow successfully, and the variety of plants that exist in the world—but that’s not all! Campers will get to be a part of this process, as they will plant their own seeds, take care of their plants, and watch their plants grow.
astronaut in space Adventures in Space
Space – it truly is the final frontier. Campers will explore the universe and learn what makes our solar system unique. Campers will learn about space exploration, build their own model satellites, study cosmic distance, create their own alien language, and more.
drums and guitar Music Makers
From Jazz to Pop to Rock & Roll, our campers will experience the magic of music as they learn about different instruments and music genres. We will end the week with a musical show where our young talent can show off their musical abilities.
child building with legos LEGOS!
Our young learners will get the chance to let their imaginations run wild as they design, build, and challenge themselves. Campers will get to see what it is like to be an architect by designing their own floor plans and bringing them to life using Legos.
making airplane with bottle and cardboard Up in The Air!
Let’s go on a flying adventure! Explore all types of aircrafts. Starting out with paper airplanes and helicopters, we’ll let imaginations take flight. Campers will design and create their own aircrafts and then have the opportunity to fly them outdoors.

We’ll make the most of the summer by helping children gain academic ground while also making memories.

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